Overall Buddies



Laughter and Lullabies

by Overall Buddies

Released 2019
Released 2019
New songs for a new generation! Children and adults alike will enjoy this album filled with original active, fanciful, new folk songs, with a couple of familiar tunes thrown in, and ending with gentle lullabies for your child to rest. Sing along with us!
Lori Lynn Ahrends has written songs for this album which are full of fanciful, fun, and peaceful music with young children in mind. We love children and we love their families! We love the adults who guide children as they grow and develop! It is our hope that families share our songs as they ride in the car, enjoy a picnic outside, do chores, or just sit with one another at home, singing, laughing, and cuddling. We hope teachers will share these songs together with the children in their classrooms.
We believe in music for music's sake. Sharing the love and joy of music, bonds us and connects us in heart, soul, and mind. Music creates memories that last forever.
We hope to release many more songs, videos, books, and shows for children in the future.
Until then, here's wishing you and yours many musical moments full of laughter, joy, silliness, quietness, and love.
Take Care, our Overall Buddies. I hope we sing together soon!